Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 3rd September 2012 watch Written Update Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 3rd September 2012 watch Written Update Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 3rd September 2012 watch Written Update Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 3rd September 2012 watch Written Update

Full Episode.
as usual surpankhan in strict you went with dad so she cant say anything to him and just because dad said thats why you dint even bother to pick my call...and becharay ke saree hawaa nikal gayee... hehehehehe...and surpnakhan left...nana says to T2Q you go in your room and says to momy puppy turned into rebillion bull dog lets go in my room and T2Q leaves for her room sadly 
i am just happy i have given her name T2Q... LOL LOL shut up pandit...dont show teeht ohk...i know bad joke...

manthra is so upset ..she thought she might get to see some live telecast but lolzzz Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry and says her sleep been spoiled ... and our shanky jee says manthra you too go and take rest ina smile 

shaky beta the day she gets the keys of the house you will be the 1st one to get out and rest full time away form this home... Wink

neha and her mother in law talkign and neha saying T2Q and bhiya will look like couple of god shiv and parvati... and she has seen this bhiya also so knows he is so good and neha mom in law says then talk to your tai ji as they really want shivam to amrry soon as he has strted going to temple and all and all are scared he might turn saint...and then neha mom in law suggest why dont we send T2Q photo to shivam and his family and nisha says she dosent have her photo in single but with her she have so if thats posible then..and neha mom in law says ohk do that...

guysss...lolzzz... we had rested for too long siting on chair and not munchin gour lips and cuting our nails and digesting some in process and pulling hairs for the MU...we have not been doing this for so long...and with thsi shivam track...oh!man my cv back to track...cone soon cv ji..i am misisng your MU

oh! is some gaga and lala land...all those rascal lovers in CC specily pandit and supriya..who do nothing but do googly woogly seeing adi for you both speciallyyy

T2Q in bed and all so smillyy and starts thinking about adi when adi starts teasing her about its good you dint get the note and if she get the note he would never eb able to see that part of T2Q which is unbelivable to even think about and in back groud music is playing pyaar kaa dard haii...and she smiles and goes to sleep

even i will sleep thinking of my puchee in my arms...oyyy guyss yeh m lesbo..LOL LOL LOL LOL who cares i ahve true lisence i am marrried and lolzzz...just 3 years before gave birth to one mini supriya the dont care...i will eb celebrating my divorce with supriya naa so i am intitled to do mastee naaa Dead

its morning and T2Q geting ready for office and gets call form dadaji and he says she seems to happy and she says yeh she is very happy and then says she need to go to office soon and she will call him in evening and he blesses her and keeps the phone down...jsut then T2Q sees note and smiles and reads..thnxx for the pizza and he has never eaten such tasty pizaa ever in his life and sorry for all and she smiles

pyyaarr tumhay bheja hai khath mai
pyyar nahe mera dil hai
T2Q meree ,padrou tou zaraaa
aur batou keyaa yaa tumharay kabil haiiLOL

hai pandit..keyaa waqt would be so fabulus to have your romance bloom in chits...Day Dreaming... seding it so quitly..writing your thoughts in words Blushing

manthra siting and mama ji too(bull dog's mama) and manthra asks why he is doing breki so slow and dosent he wants to go office and listnign this mama says he dosent want to go office and listning this manthra is shoked and says why not,why dont oyu want to go and mama gets angry and ssays surpankhan evry day every where do nothing but insults him even yesterday too she did and she wont understand how he feels...and listning this manthra looses her cool patience and says she wont understand..shee..if she wont then who will understand...because of his this attitude he always gets thrashing form one sisiter or another one and mama gets angry ke why she always blames him for evrything..what kind of wife she is...and she shouts after him ke this is what you deserve you you are good to be nothing and this kind of men can only shout at their wifes only...

awww i love my manthra and how sad she is today...mama had guts to shout in my swetuu pieee face...oh!dw i have my plans..jsut reach naa office and then see wht i am gona do dalringsss...Angry

adi is watching tv and shouts shanky breki..where is my brekiii...coem on bring it fast...shanky brings and gives him and bull dog says thanxxx...jsut then surpnakhan arrives and says so he doing breki here today...and then informs bull dog she will coem to office late as she has to attend some woman welfare function and then will come...but bull dog is busy watching cricket matcha nd surpankhan is not at all liking it yet says cooly when she comes to office immediatley meeting will get inform in the office and yet bull dog busy watching cricket and surpankhan lost her temper and shouts adiii... and adi says yeh he will inform in office and syrpankhan is quit angry and says she never likes this habbit of him to neglect important things and here she trying to tell him things and he...adi says he got it and he will inform...

oh!man yaa tou wou hee baat hue you enter in the den of lion and says to den oyy shift..i want to sleep too yaar...and kiks his buuttt and shifts him Dead

just when surpnakhan starts reading news paper and just then T2Q comes and ufff maaa

ufff guyss be ready for the whateva you all wana call it..oh!man i am watching it again will do update later yaar...stop disturbing..woooww so cute romance...ufff..i will die the expresion on his face...i am dr. call him i need him..nowww...plzzz...oh...god my CC will have soem heart attack moment guysss...Dead Dead let me watch it again... i cant stop watching this sceneee...i cant stop..ufff i am again soem oen else to do update i cant guyss...tata..bye bye Dead Heart